Public Speaking and Jury Consultant Workshop

September 22, 2018
2:15 PM  -  3:45 PM

Co-Hosted by the Women’s Committee, the Young Lawyers Committee and the Professional Development Committee

NY CLE: 1.5 Credits in Skills, Transitional/Non-Transitional

Program Chair: Yan Sin, Co-Chair, Women’s Committee

Chiara Motley, Lead Executive Coach, GK Training and Communications
David Weinberg, Chief Executive Officer, JURYGROUP

The Women’s Committee will be presenting a workshop on public speaking (Chiara Motley from GK Training and Communications) and legal strategy (David Weinberg from JURYGROUP). Learn how to increase your professional presence and refine your pitch and message whether it’s in front of an audience of one (in an elevator pitch) or an audience of many in a variety of professional settings. The public speaking portion will be followed by a jury consultant presentation. A jury consultant will speak on how to profile jurors, approaches to voir dire and how to maximize communications with the jury.